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Looking for legal steroids for bodybuilding that can boost testosterone levels naturally are quiet difficult since there are many hundreds of products you can choose from. But choosing the right one, takes more than reading the ingredients. In this review will help you know more about Testogen by MuscleClub Limited. It can be one of the best testosterone booster that will build your muscle faster in a safer way.

What is Testogen?

testogen walmart
Testogen can boost the testosterone levels which come in a blend with special formula. It has been using as a supplement by many bodybuilders and athletes around the world to enhance their physical appearance and their performance as well.

The special formula of this product contains 11 active ingredients that have several health benefits. So, this product will not only help you boosting your testosterone level but also giving you many health benefits.

How it works?

The ingredients inside the Testogen are including compounds of hormone stimulating that can encourage your testosterone distribution and production.

An increasing testosterone for many bodybuilders and athletes are important and it is considered as a very good thing. If the levels of your testosterone are increasing, it means you can gain your muscle mass much easier.

Taking Testogen as boosting supplement will significantly increase the levels of testosterone throughout your body and it will be possible to make large gains in the muscle tissue.

When to use it?

If you want to get the maximum result and benefits from your testosterone, you should use Testogen during strength cycles and bulking in combination with a healthy diet and intense work outs like weight lifting.

You can also use Testogen as the legal steroids whenever you need more power and extra boost behind your pump. To detect that you are in a low on testosterone and you need supplement for boosting your testosterone, you will feel like you lose intensity part and endurance through during your work outs.

To feel the benefits of increased testosterone from this product you also don’t have to be a professional athlete or body builder. Everyone who wants to increase his testosterone can also take this product as a supplement with the right compound and combination of healthy diet and intense work out.

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What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of increased testosterone especially with the support of Testogen. They are including:

  • Increasing the rate of metabolism
    It means your basal or resting metabolism will run at its most effective levels. It will enable you to metabolize fats and sugars in a more effective way. It can result less fat gain and more muscle gains during a cycle of bulking.

  • Increasing the muscle protein and protein synthesis that builds the mass of muscle
    The more effectively and more efficiently your body process protein, the faster you can gain the mass of the lean muscle. So, it means a higher conversion of your energy will go to the composition of muscle and less energy will be stored as fat.

  • Reducing glycogen in muscles
    When your testosterone is present, your blood sugar will be more regulated. If you have steady blood of sugar levels, your metabolism will stay in check even when you decrease or increase caloric intake.
  • Increasing overall blood volume and red blood cell count
    The oxygen will be delivered to the muscles when you have more red blood cells in your body. It will happen especially when you have an intense work out. Oxygen will also help you increasing the blood volume throughout your body. The more oxygen delivers to your muscles, you will feel less fatigues and stronger after or during work out including lifting weight.
  • Increasing bone density
    As we age, our bone density will naturally get less and less. You can increase the density and strength of the bones with Testogen as your daily supplement. It can lessen the risk of fracturing or breaking bones. It can also help you strengthening the structure of your bones and spines that is good for your posture and form. This product will be one of your properties for anti-aging of testosterone.

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What are the ingredients?

Ingredients can play major role in the efficiency and effectiveness of every health supplement. Testogen contains high quality natural ingredients that can be the most effective of natural health supplement to boost your testosterone. Some ingredients are:

  1. D-Aspartic Acid
    Many studies and researches have been done to examine the efficiency and the effectiveness of D Aspartic acid especially for increasing the levels of testosterone in men. Those prove that this kind of ingredient is such a safe booster of testosterone. It also elevates the sperm energy and counts. It helps increasing the supply of oxygen to your muscle to build stronger muscles.
  2. Magnesium
    It can stimulate the natural production of testosterone in the body. One research found that four weeks of men taking 750 mg of magnesium a day saw a 26 percent rise in testosterone levels. Magnesium helps as well improve quality sleep, that is vital for better testosterone production.
  3. Korean Red Ginseng Extract
    This most studied natural herb can boost your testosterone by increasing the amount of the production of nitric oxide safely.
  4. Fenugreek Extract
    In India, this is one of the most common spices. Inside of Fenugreek seeds, it has a chemical ingredient called as fenuside. It can stimulate the sex organs in men and increase the levels of testosterone.

How to use it?

Testogen as one of the most effective legal steroids can be taken once daily. This oral supplement is best to be taken in the morning for having the best effect.

You don’t have to inject it in order to make it more effective. This product has formulated to be ingested in a pill form.

You can take once per day during works and bulking cycles to increase your performance, energy and endurance.

Does Walmart sell Testogen?

testogen Until today, Testogen not sold at Walmart and others online stores like GNC, Walgreens, etc. This test booster supplement only can be purchase at their official website. For one bottle, the price is $59.99. Prices details below.

MuscleClub Limited also offering discount BUY 3 GET 2 FREE for all new and returning customers. If you have plan to buy Testogen, make sure use that offers or use the coupon code that available at the official website.

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Testogen prices

Individual products:


Combos with Testodrops

1 Bottle of Testogen (120 Capsules) + 1 Bottle of Testo-drops (60ml) $89.99
3 Bottles of Testogen (360 Capsules) + 3 bottles of Testodrops (180ml) $189.97
5 Bottles of Testogen (600 Capsules) + 5 Bottles of Testodrops (300ml) $284.99


Testogen is one supplement that is proven to work as an alternative to the real sustanon steroids. You know why? Because, the ingredients in the Testogen created specifically to work equals the performance of sustanon as testosterone booster but safe for the body.

Maximum muscle gains, increase strength, insane workouts, and ultra-rapid recovery times can be reached with Testogen.